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What is Chain Chronicle?

Chain Chronicle is an Action Strategy RPG by SEGA for iOS and Android devices. This game is still one of the best on its genre in Japanese and worldwide Play Store and App Store. Launched worldwide on December 8th by Gumi Inc., Chain Chronicle quickly reached the top spot on both application store.

In addition to its unique and fun gameplay, Chain Chronicle’s anime artwork and voice acting are the reasons why this game is really popular.

You can recruit more than 150 different allies with variety of abilities to your team. There are 5 types in general, Soldiers, Archers, Knights, Clerics, and Wizards. Each has different general role in your team.

To recruit allies, you need Arcana Coins or Prysma. Arcana Coins are used to recruit common allies and Prysma is used to recruit much stronger ones. Unfortunately, the amount of Prysma is really limited and you need to purchase it with real money if you want more.

Chain Chronicle Hack Tool

Most people don’t want to spend our money to play a free mobile game like Chain Chronicle. However, people who don’t spend money will be a lot weaker than people who do. This is because of the recruit system which needs Prysma.

People who don’t spend money also can’t play as long as they want because of the energy system called AP (Action Points). AP will be reduced for certain amount every time you’re entering a mission. When your AP is depleted, you must wait for hours if you don’t use Prysma to recover.

We realize that these are major problems for people who don’t spend money, and that is why we developed Chain Chronicle Hack Tool.

Now that this tool is available, you don’t need to spend money anymore to fully enjoy Chain Chronicle. The reason is because you can generate yourself an unlimited amount of Prysma, and of course the other stuff. Here’s the complete list of what you can do with Chain Chronicle Hack Tool:

  1. Prysma generator
  2. Gold generator
  3. Unlimited Arcana Coins
  4. Unlimited AP

Reading the word “hacking”, you might think that this requires programming knowledge and stuff…Wrong. We’ve made the interface so simple that anyone can use.

Chain Chronicle Hack Tool

We regularly updating and testing this tool to make sure it’s working and not causing any problem to your account. While we haven’t noticed any major problem yet, please use this tool moderately.

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to use this tool. Actually it’s just a simple matter of connect-input-start, if you don’t want to read it just skip to the bottom to download immediately.

How-to Instructions

Please read the instructions bellow how to use Chain Chronicle Hack Tool:

  1. Download the tool to your PC from the link below
  2. Extract the compressed file with WinRAR/7ZIP
  3. Connect your device with USB cable, Bluetooth connection isn’t recommended
  4. Make sure the game is opened
  5. Wait until it’s detected. For iOS users, close iTunes if it’s opened automatically
  6. Open the tool you’ve just downloaded
  7. Choose your OS from the available list, click Connect button
  8. Go to “Features” tab, turn on hack features you want to use
  9. Input how many Prysma, Gold, or Arcana Coins you want. Click Save button when you done
  10. Go to “Start” tab, then click on Start button
  11. Wait for the tool to finish the process, do NOT unplug your device
  12. When its done, refresh the game display by entering any menu
  13. If it’s done correctly, you can now unplug your device


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